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Miss Uni?

You’re not the only one…plenty of your graduates do too!

How does your alumni team encourage these nostalgic feelings? What types of activity and media do you use? Reunions, university stories, alumni memories etc…?

It surprises me why more alumni professionals don’t take and make more use of graduation, hall, society, and class photos.

Posted on your website, these memories would provide alumni with a great reason engage with your team time and again. You may even be able to make a bob or two from re-print sales if you wanted to.

I guess the challenge lies in tracking these photos down in the first place. Discovering your community’s photo treasure trove of memories may take time.

Asking departmental and hall administators is usually a good place to start, though student JCR committees and departmental society presidents are also worth a shout.

How about asking your alumni too? With the right incentives for contributors in place, who knows what you might get back!

Has anyone tried this before?


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